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We develop adult learning strategies and provide Andragogy-centric education consulting for companies.




We help people and companies in their work with educational programmes for adult learning. 

We stick to andragogy paradigm, but are also open to work at nexus of LLL & pedagogy concepts if they put adult learner a free choice and development at the priority.


Current educational framework audit & consulting

If you already have an educational program we can help audit it or develop new approach to the program assessment. 


Learning Environment assessment & redesign (Online \ Offline)

We can pay you a visit and reveal whether your office environment suits your educational methods (offline) or redesign interface of your online educational system.


Learning strategies design and development

Implementing new methods of educating & suiting them for a particular case.


Redesign of current educational products into andragogy – centric ones

We can help your make your current educational program more learner-centric and update it up to pull-learning practice-based methodology in any sphere. 


Workplace education framework development

We design in-service learning programs that can be implemented without working process interruption.


Knowledge & Education Management base development

We can create and customize a knowledge&educational base personalized for your company's aims.


Motion by Florian Geyer



This summer we partner with European Cultural Academy to hold an offsite experiment of metaphorical learning for those who is looking for inspiration and a fresh approach on adult education.

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what’s the program like?

Our classes will be held at the location of the Venice Biennale — at the historic Venetian palazzos as well as at the Arsenale, the former complex of shipyards. During our program the art objects of the Venice Biennale will become a metaphorical embodiment of educational models.

We will speak about familiar educational elements in unusual format and unexpected places. The program will help to take a fresh look and reconsider the tools that you use daily for instructional design. Venice is a perfect place for inspiration and retreat.

Perhaps this will turn out to be the most extraordinary learning experience in your lifetime.


Who it will suit?

If you are:

  • an educator,

  • a methodist

  • Head of an academic institution.

The program will be beneficial to you, if you want to:

  • take a new look at educational models that you use in your work daily,

  • find a new source of inspiration and enhance your penchant for your occupation.


Where & When?

Where: Italy, Venice, Palazzo Rossini, Arsenale di Venezia, The Venice Biennale.

When: 4-6 October & 21-23 November 2019.



European Cultural Academy

The Academy organises short courses in art, architecture and design. Each course is a combination of lectures, workshops and guided visits to architecture studios, museums and the Venice Biennale.

The education approach of the Academy is based on the following principles:



The ECA advocates for honest and constructive approach to education that makes you more confident and understanding whether it is a leisurely exhibition visit or an important business meeting. The ECA openly discusses artistic, commercial and networking challenges in the creative industries. The ECA students deserve to know true stories behind big exhibitions and projects. The Academy shares real cases and teach you practical skills that make immediate impact on your career


The Academy brings together high level practitioners from government, academia and business sector. The faculty includes artists, architects designers, curators, gallerists, and scholars that will help you to build the necessary skills, and enable you to navigate through a competitive industry. Having workshops and discussions with them in Venice is a unique experience.


Venice has an extraordinary concentration of facilities and organisations dedicated to culture. Leveraging the Academy’s 15- year experience of working in this incredible city, we will guide you to its most alluring locations. Classes take place in historic palazzos, students visit palazzos that are closed to the public, private art residences, design and architecture studios.


what is “Art of Education”? 

This is an experiment of metaphorical learning, a quest at an art location, where art objects become an embodiment of adult learning models.



Вика 1.jpg

Victoria Deryugina

The course curator, ideologist and founder of Dedu Center,

Marketing strategy expert. More than 12 year experience at P&G, L'Oreal, SABMiller, Digitalizm. Adult learning expert, certified couch, educator and curator at IKRA School of Creative Thinking (Moscow, Russia), Skolkovo Business-School, Higher School of Economics National Research University (HSE).


How the program will be held?


Art objects

as part of educational program

Most familiar educational elements that a learner interact with are educators, other participants, content of the program and participants’ personal experience.

Learning environment is an educational element as well. This can be an auditory or online environment, the city or any other location.

The art objects of the Venice Biennale will become full-rate educators.

Therefore in Art of Education program art objects as well as the artists who created them become educators.


Learning through metaphors

During the studies adult learners inevitably face resistance that is due to their background experience.

The resistance can be passed through in different ways. One of this ways is through metaphors.

By using metaphors, our creative sides can be activated. This allows to enable research mode of thinking, see new things in usual and be open-minded to everything.

Art objects drive creative thinking that is required in such sphere as education and is practically an essential skill nowadays.



Tuition fee


for 1 person



“What is included in the tuition fee?”

— The tuition fee includes: the course with an exclusive entry to art objects & locations (historical palazzos and art objects of the Venice Biennale), tutorial materials, a ticket to the Venice Biennale, accommodation (double room, hotel 3* or an apartment).

“Is Visa required?”

— Yes, you need a valid Schengen Visa.


“Is The Flight included in tuition fee?”

— No, the cost of the flight isn’t included in the price of the tour.

“Is the food included in the tuition fee?”

— No, participants should cover their expenses on food on their own.



Art of Education was conceived by Dedu Center curators Renata Gizatulina & Victoria Deryugina in August 2018 and held for the first time in Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, situated around a tiny village in the Kaluga region in Russia.


Program Manager


Get in touch:

Tel.: +7 926 553 22 96


or text Tatiana on Facebook!


Here you can find the most used definitions of Andragogy. 


Acquisition learning

subconscious way of learning, that is happening unawares to our brain, but which can be automatically done well by the brain. A.l. is acceptation based, when a learner accepts existed methods of education.


the art and science of helping adults learn; the theory, methods, and activities involved in teaching adult learners. 



Experiential learning

any learning that supports students in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems or authentic situations where the instructor directs and facilitates learning.



an environment created by human individuals which focuses on mutual development and growth and help to find, build and interact professional connections.

Participation learning

way of educating based on learners’ participation and active action in educational process which is motivated by necessity to find a solution to existing problem.

Peer-2-peer education

an educational practice based on students’ interaction to attain educational goals.

Pull learning

learner-centric way of educating based on the Adult Learning Theory and is structured on the learners' decisions and preferences about studying, their relationship to the meaning of the content, and the ultimate value of the curricula.  

Push learning

A formal, teacher-centric learning system, based on an outside source or authority selected curriculum.

Self-directed learning

a process by which individuals take the initiative, without the assistance of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, identify human and material resources for learning, choosing and implement appropriate learning strategies, and evaluating learning outcomes.




Good news

We are glad to welcome you on the official page of Dedu Center. Here we'll post all out updates and news. Check out our official pages on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about our lectures, journeys and helpful tips for adult learning. 

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See you on September 4th!

Tomorrow, September 4th we are to give a pitch about «Dedu center» at Vector Project Review, held by Vector online school for urban entrepreneurs, that bases at Strelka Institute (Moscow). 

Very excited to present our project idea to the leading experts of the start-up industry and waiting for their review!

Check in here

Vector Project Review

Monday, September 4th, we took part in Vector Project Review at Strelka Industry Institute. 

The main idea of the event was to give no longer than a 5-minute speech and receive feedback on your idea from the industry experts.



Younger Staff Training

Next week we’re flying to Brussels to take part in Younger Staff Training, held by European Association for the Education of Adults.

 EAEA is the voice of non-formal adult education in Europe with 142 member organisations in 44 countries and represents more than 60 million learners Europe-wide. This year the training will focus on three separate areas: policy and advocacy, reaching out to new learners and communication as well as non-formal teaching methods in AE.

All the next week we'll dedicate to the events of the training and every day since September 19th we'll make a live stream hour on our social media channels.

Stay curious!  



singapore fb 1 .jpg

dedu workplace.jpg

While studying we discovered the workplace learning methods and today we help Yandex.Taxi Department of Marketing implementing workplace learning principles to the process.

Learn more about workplace learning - check the ABC of Andragogy.

How it was in Brussels

Finally, we're glad to share our experience of taking part in Youth Staff Training in Brussels by European Association for the education of Adults that took place in Brussels in late October 2017.
Since 2011 the training has been supported by the European Union Parliament and has become a launching pad for adult education professionals, uniting participants from across the Europe and giving them an opportunity to forge new connections and partnerships.
This year the training focused on specific methods of adult education, which vary from country to country, and priorities of learning in EU.
Also, we were lucky to hear Gina Ebner, Secretary of the European Association for the Education of Adults speaking of educational policy in different countries and we made a mapping of adult educational methods diversity. 
Learn more about the EAEA Younger Staff Training 2017 and its participants from the article -


Next week we're taking part in "Rost" forum that will be held in Vladivostok on November 3-4.

We'll travel to the Russky Island and speak about how education changes life of an adult and share our experience on developing marketing strategy for small business. 

"Rost" forum is one of the major business events in the Far East that unites young businessmen with successful leaders of the industry.

Find out more on Rost Forum.




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