We help people and companies in their work with educational programmes for adult learning. 

We stick to andragogy paradigm, but are also open to work at nexus of LLL & pedagogy concepts if they put adult learner a free choice and development at the priority.


Current educational framework audit & consulting

If you already have an educational program we can help audit it or develop new approach to the program assessment. 


Learning Environment assessment & redesign (Online \ Offline)

We can pay you a visit and reveal whether your office environment suits your educational methods (offline) or redesign interface of your online educational system.


Learning strategies design and development

Implementing new methods of educating & suiting them for a particular case.


Redesign of current educational products into andragogy – centric ones

We can help your make your current educational program more learner-centric and update it up to pull-learning practice-based methodology in any sphere. 


Workplace education framework development

We design in-service learning programs that can be implemented without working process interruption.


Knowledge & Education Management base development

We can create and customize a knowledge&educational base personalized for your company's aims.


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