Andragogical breakfast
A dynamic, informative and easy training about the basics of andragogy and adult learning for those who create educational products for adults or study themselves.
● Instructional Design. Approaches to the design of teaching in andragogy. Adult learning process map. Design through learning models. 4 groups of approaches to design.
What it the breakfast about
We conduct two types of andragogical breakfasts:
For instructional designers and teachers
For learners:
● How an adult learns
● How to analyze learning behavior and habits to make stydying more efficient
● LX \ TX in adult education. How learning in andragogy is designed through the experience of the learner and the leader of the educational process. SSDL model.

● How does adult education differ from teaching children? Basic theoretical introductory andragogy.
Topics that we discuss in both types
The program usually lasts 1 hour 30 minutes + 30 minutes for Q&A.

During this time we:
● Speak about the most common myths about how adult learning works,
● Help you navigate in the sea of information about approaches to design of adult education,
● Inspire you to further exploration and creating new student-centered programs.

Our breakfasts often provide an impulse to improving the skills of designers of educational products, as well as the quality and variety of approaches to existing ones.

They also inspire adult learners to self-exploration of their learning habits and rebuilding their learning strategy.
How it works
Founder of Dedu Center, curator of educational programs, marketing strategy specialist (16+ years of experience, worked with P&G, L'Oreal, SABMiller and Digitalizm), adult learning specialist.

She underwent advanced training on the basis of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, FIRO, IRDPO, EAEA (European Association for Education of Adults, Belgium), Institute of Adult learning at Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore.
Victoria Deryugina
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