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Education through art for instructional designers
How it was:
This is an experiment with metaphorical learning, an art quest, where art objects temporarily become the personification of adult learning models.

The program was created in order to take a break and rethink the fundamental constructions that are important for any person in the field of education.
What is EPTA?
Choose your EPTA format:
One-day training in museums and art-clusters for you and your colleagues
Outdoor training for 3 days in fabulous art spaces (Venice, Nikola-Lenivets, Suzdal ect.) with accommodation
During the program we will look at learning role models, paradigms, and learning models from very different angles. In order for our journey to allow us to go beyond our own boundaries, we will use the Education Process Through Art method of metaphorical learning.
Museums, art-clusters, galleries and art spaces will become our learning environment, and its art objects will become our metaphors.
The project participants will study the history and idea of art objects in relation to educational models and literally live them.

We believe that the program will not only become a good bulkhead, but also fill all participants with new dreams in their professional field.
The project was conceived by the curators of the Dedu Center team Renata Gizatulina and Victoria Deryugina in August 2018 and was first held in the Nikola Lenivets art park in the Kaluga region under the name Art of Education.

In July 2019, we held a program in Venice with the support of the European Cultural Academy.

Since September 2019, the program has been called "Education Process Through Art" (EPTA).
If you want to know more about the history of the EPTA project, then watch our videos:
The backstory
Viktoria Deryugina
Dedu Center's founder and learning strategist.
Took advanced training on the basis of the MGPPU, FIRO, IRDPO, EAEA (European Association for Education of Adults, Бельгия), Institute of Adult learning at Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore.

Marketing Strategy Specialist (over 16 year of experience), P&G, L'Oreal, SABMiller, Digitalizm) and adult learning specialist.
Course authors
Instructional designer and adult education specialist with 10 year work experience in Russia, USA and Europe.
Educational Programs Manager at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO (2008-2017), Senior consultant and Head Of Executive Learningat London Speaker Bureau (с 2015 года), curator at Dedu Center (since 2018).

Master's Degree inDigital Media Design for Learning at New York University.
Evgeniya Feoktistova
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