ID* Force
This is the algorithm by which we help to create
or change the process of developing training programs.
*Instructional Design
ID Force fits you if:
You have an educational product, but it doesn't work exactly as you intended;

You have an educational product and it's awesome. But you do not want to stop there and develop it further;

You do not yet have an educational product, but you are thoroughly preparing for its creation and want to understand methodological approaches;

You want to train course developers or expand their methodological expertise to prepare for an educational product launch.
What is the result
of ID Force?
Depends on the request:
either the structure of the educational product plus the principles of its development and scaling,
or a document with the principles of designing educational products for the company.
ID Force process:
We form a group of company employees and train them as course developers. By the end of the program, they become the driving force for learning change — the Instructional Design Force.

The main stages of ID Force are:
Dive into the topic
Form a workgroup
Run scoring of all parties of the study process
Pick or create a learning model
Run content analysis
Create a typical learning event
ID Force length varies from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the tasks of the company and the capabilities of the working group.

During the process you will need to conduct interviews with participants and colleagues, hold group meetings with curators and independently.
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