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We tell first-hand about the principles by which Dedu Center lives and works.
Dedu Center
EduBible or how does Dedu Center work
Dedu Center stands for learner-centric future where each adult is conscious on how his or her learning process.
Our long-term goal is
exploring and experimenting with education as part of our lives.
2. creating an environment to show learners and instructional designers how people learn and inspire them to choose learning methodologies and approaches, expanding their educational opportunities.
1. decoding adult learning as a part of our life along with different learning approaches.

Dedu Center works on
Dedu Center lives
In andragogic paradigma.

We do believe that our adult learners know a lot and can do more than we even think. So we are here for them to structure his or her expertise and knowledge to get to the next level in their profession.

student and his chance to live the life he wants without any "buts"
Our key values:
    • Cooperation instead of competition.
    • Work as an adventure.
    • Complex multidimensional solutions

        • We do not accept the inaccessibility of education.
        • We do not support elitism in education.
        • We do not consider diplomas as a social necessity.
        Key Dedu value:
        Work is
        an adventure