A set of methodological principles of an educational product that defines its character and uniqueness
The DNA of the organization
● What makes it unique: the training format? Arrangement of roles in the educational process?

● What will first need to be transferred to the new course?

● What is important to emphasize when adapting a program to a different region or niche?

Together we will create a unique set of rules and principles for all your educational products, which will become indispensable in the work on new programs.
You have a program that does a good job of the company.
What is the purpose of EduBible?
EduBible helps answer the questions:
how, why and for whom
we create all educational products.

Learn more about EduBible and its contents from the video:
1. Determine the role of the product for the learner
Will the student be independent in the educational process, and is it enough for the designes to create an environment?
Or will we hold him by the hand most of the way?
2. Choosing an educational paradigm
Pedagogy, andragogy or hutagogics
What will be the ratio of formal, social and experience-based learning in programs. We think over the alignment of the learning process.
3. Discussing the types of training
EduBible building blocks
4. Create or hone a learning model
We select the training model that is most suitable for the tasks of the product. And find what makes the model unique
5. Select formats
We consider all possible formats from a lecture to an audioquest or meditation
We choose the form in which these rules will "live" most organically: a list of rules, a manifesto, guidelines for the main participants in the process, a story, etc.
6. Putting together the EduBible
ID Force
We introduce teams to the specifics of adult education. Answer questions. Inspire to rebuild programs.
Andragogical breakfast
More corporate products
An algorithm for designing or changing the process of designing educational products.
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