How we helped create a course for "Moscow Longevity" teachers
In 2020, the Moscow Institute of Additional professional education team contacted us with a request to create a course for teachers and social workers of the "Moscow Longevity" program.
What is the program?

Moscow Longevity is the largest health-improving, educational and leisure project for older Muscovites.

Teachers from the Moscow Institute of Education and Training in Moscow conduct a variety of online and offline classes: gymnastics, foreign languages, gardening, photo and video, dancing, financial literacy, etc.

The goal of the course was to understand the learning patterns and habits of the new elders and to raise the quality of service delivered.

Dedu Center's task was to create an asynchronous online course for those who teach and conduct these courses, which is more than 3000 people.
Project stages:
Before assembling the course itself, we made a deep dive into the audit:

1. Conducted an analysis of local and international practices of designing programs for elder people and approaches to teaching the older generation;
2. Ran interviews with experts from the Silver University of Moscow State Pedagogical University and Young Old, teachers from Moscow Longevity, and the participants in the educational programs of the project.

After the audit, we chose the dominant andragogical approach to teaching and drew up a roadmap for the course.
How the course was made:
Based on the information we collected during the audit phase and our practice, we:
- Prescribed recommendations on how to lead and create educational products for new elders;
- Translated the recommendations into the language of the educational product, filled them in a structure with homework and a program building tool.
The result:
In the end we created an asynchronous online course with 10 modules on a modern interactive educational platform available for students on any type of device at any convenient time.
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