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We have created a range of educational products for educators, educational product designers and anyone interested in adult learning
This course is a good starting point to your journey to the andragogy and educational design.

During the course we'll create an overview map of approaches to adult learning and creating educational products for adults.

For 3 years the course was attended by more than 170 adult learning professionals and enthusiasts.
ID Bento
A lab-course, during which you can design or redesign your educational product.

This is an advanced course for those who have experience in designing educational programs and a desire to expand their tools: methodologists, teachers, HR.

It will be the time and space to rethink your educational strategies, to design product from scratch or redesign the existing one changing the format, length or model. And also to create your own EduBible - a unified set of methodological principles.
A program about educational product branding.

The program helps to determine your place in the market and understand where and how to move (or not to move).

You'll analyse how your educational product differs from others: methodology, work with students, work with the community; find the visual and semantic attributes that most clearly characterize your educational product.

As a result you'll create a brief for brand identity and the basis of the communication strategy.
Education Process Through Art
Training through art objects for instructional designers and adult learning professionals.

This is an experiment with metaphorical learning, an art quest, where art objects temporarily become the personification of adult learning models.

We organize EPTA in multiple formats: guest-visit programs for several days, for example, to Nikola-Lenivets or at the Venice Biennale, as well as one-day workshops and trainings.
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